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The Motel Chute des Pères possess conditioned air rooms for all kind of events such as banquets, wedding receptions, Graduations and more. Our rooms can receive as far as 350 persons. We offer the bar service, the banquet and the buffet. Your reception must deroll according to your hopes and with professional manners. Besides this our mission that we give you since 1970.

Line reservations or contact us it will be a pleasure for us to give you information for our different services.

here the services include in the tarif of hiring

  • Water served in the room
  • Lectern
  • Screen
  • High speed wireless Internet

equipment and options in hiring

  • Flip chart and pencil
  • Microphone
  • Lapel microphone
  • Projector
  • Stand 4’ x 6’

2 710 square foot


The bay window gives you a magnificent view of the Mistassibi River and gives you a memorable cachet for your receptions.

  • Size : 2 710 square foot
  • Lane of dance : 14’x 26’
  • Possibility of a bar service
  • Maximal capacity : 350 persons

Possible disposition

25’x 25’

Rive Droite

Ideal for your business meetings, it could convert for cocktail spaces.

  • Size : 25’x 25’
  • Maximal capacity : 100 persons

Possible disposition

25’x 25’

Rive Gauche

Your business representations will satisfy your hopes with the conference room that included a giant screen.

  • Size : 25’x 25’
  • Screen 12’x 8’
  • Maximal capacity : 100 persons

Possible disposition

50’x 50’

Les Rives

This room forms a union of the room Right Bank and of the room Left Bank. It takes part in keeping of event or conferences.

  • Size : 50’x 50’
  • Lane dance : 15’x 26’
  • Possibility of a service bar
  • Maximal capacity : 300 persons

Possible disposition

25’x 17’

Le Meeting

Convivial place for your business meetings, it distinguishes herself by its private ambience and its brightness. His comfortable armchairs are advantages for any debates!

  • Size : 25’x 17’
  • Independent entry
  • Maximal capacity : 15 people

Possible disposition

Capacity of halls

according to layout of tables and chairs


Theatre U* Negociation School Room Square Rectangular tables Round Tables**

Les Rives

300 50 40 150 60 300 200

Une Rive

100 30 30 50 40 0 60


350 50 40 150 60 350 200


35 20 10 10 30 12 10

* Chairs on the outside and on the inside
** Tables of 10 people

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In the land of tumultuous rivers and limitless forests, “the warmth of the North of the Lake”
charms in all seasons.


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